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Welcome to Soulspring

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Counselling and Psychotherapy

There are times in life when many of us feel the need to seek additional insight and support regarding circumstances, feelings, patterns and behaviours that leave us feeling overwhelmed or confused.  There are also times when things might be going relatively “fine”, but you feel a deeper longing for more meaning, or the need to make a change that requires overcoming specific barriers.

These are the times when psychotherapy and counselling can offer the additional insight and support that might be necessary to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you desire to be in your life. Soulspring offers a holistic, integrative approach to counselling, healing and psychotherapy, which encourages you to connect with your own inner resources (however deeply burried they might appear to be) and develop more clarity and discernment regarding the patterns and processes that may be holding you back from making the changes you desire.  This approach can be applied to various areas of your life:

  • Negative Emotional Patterns
  • Relationship Issues
  • Loss and Grief
  • Sexuality and Intimacy
  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Inspiration and Personal Meaning
  • Change and Transition

If you feel you might benefit from the services offered at Soulspring, please feel free to explore the information provided here, and contact Susan with any questions you might have.  An initial consultation session is provided free of charge if you would like to meet with Susan and discuss your situation in more detail.

* Please Note:  Soulspring is not a medical or psychiatric service.  If you require medical intervention it is important that you consult your family doctor in order to obtain a more appropriate referral to meet your needs.